99 Headlines That Sell – the ebook

This ebook helps you improve you reader numbers, click rates, sales rates and more

Improve online sales, e-mail sign-ups, user engagement and much more

Did you know, that it has been documented that only 2 out of 10 people read on after your headline? And that is, if you actually use headlines and if these headlines are at least decent.
This means, that at least 8 out 10 potential readers, buyers, sign-ups etc. never spend a second on your actual sales copy, blog post, email content or whatever you have been working on. And that’s a huge loss for both you and your potential customer.

So you should do everything you can to change this.


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The headline is the key to further engagement

Today, people’s attention span is short – it is said to be around 8 seconds, which is 1 second shorter than that of a goldfish…

In other words,
you constantly need to guide people and keep them interested. So basically, if you don’t provide a catchy and/or intriguing headline in your

  • e-mail subject line,
  • e-mail opt-in,
  • landing page,
  • blog post,
  • Facebook ad,
  • social media post,
  • YouTube video etc.

the user – and potential customer – will simply move on.

They will never read the content, that you have spent hours creating. They will never get the opportunity to read your posts, sales letters and emails or receive your help even though it would probably benefit them immensely.

Don’t rob them of this opportunity – make them want to read more and learn about everything, you have to offer!


"99 Headlines That Sell" is the ebook that helps you receive more customers, email sign-ups, blog post readers etc.

Great Headlines – the first step to higher opening rates, better click-rates, more readers, more customers


And I am not even exaggerating. Think about it this way:

EXAMPLE:  You sell digital products and want to increase profits

You sell online courses and you get 100 daily visitors to your landing page
For every online course you sell, your profit is $100
Since only 2 out of every 10 visitors read on after your headline, only 20 people become potential customers every day
Let’s say, your landing page conversion rate is 3%. This means, that you sell 3 online courses every day, making you $300 in daily profits. In a month this adds up to 600 potential customers, leading to $9,000 profits.

These 3 daily courses are bought by the 20 customers, that read on after your landing page headline. So the conversion rate for these 20 potential customers is actually 3/20 = 15%, which is really well.

NOW, what if 25 in stead of 20 people became potential customers?
This is totally possible – you just need to make more people interested in the content below THE HEADLINE. And how do you do that? Better headlines, making people want to read more.

SO, with 25 in stead of 20 daily potential customers, the new calculation looks like this:

750 potential, monthly customers converting at a 15% conversion rate    112 monthly sales    $11,200 profits
which is an INCREASE OF  $2,200  IN PURE, MONTHLY PROFITS  just by producing better headlines!


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You can easily achieve so much with the right efforts

Improving the headline is the key if you want this:


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The 99 Headlines That Sell ebook will help you grow your business

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The ebook is 20 pages, and it is packed with ideas for headlines that fit every purpose. So it is both easy to overview and guaranteed to give you tons of inspiration and ready-to-use headlines.

And in fact, I am not only giving you headlines – I am giving you headline templates. This is what the pro’s are using. They are using templates. And this is what makes is so easy for them to come up with catchy headlines over and over again, that you just can’t help clicking on.

But now this tool can be yours. You will never grow short on intriguing headline ideas again, because with this cheap and easy-to-use ebook you will get

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  • 2 headline examples for every template – 198 headlines, that you are welcome to use, if they fit your purpose