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In our daily jobs, we often get questions and comments like

  • My existing customers are really happy, so I know I have a good product. But I need more customers and I keep spending money on ads without converting anything. What are your tricks?
  • What are your e-mail opening rates? Mine seem to be getting worse no matter what I do. What can I do – what should I expect?
  • Facebook doesn’t work. I keep writing posts and I even boost them, but nothing happens
  • I keep following all the advice I get like writing great website content and sending out e-mails. I have even spend more than $2,000 on a consultant, that promised me a top position on Google. But still my business is stuck and doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It’s so frustrating!
  • I am a one-man business and I put in a lot of hours. But I need to grow in order to stay on top. I need to do something that doesn’t require a lot of my time and that’s almost guaranteed to work better, than what I do now. Can you help me?

We love the response we get from people we help achieve their goals. And often it is much easier and less time consuming than they ever imagined. And that’s how the idea for arrived and why the website finally was launched with the first 2 ebooks in the summer of 2017.

Thomas shares what we are giving you